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METTRE's TV sets offer a complete range of services necessary for logistical and technical production. 

Specialized for TV programs and hybrid event spaces.

Set and chrome rental in Seville

Television sets

  • Television set rental.
  • Photographic set rental.
  • Versatile TV set with 110 dimmed sockets and 2 computer controlled DMX Universes.
  • Kitchen still life.
  • Equipped for different sets.
  • Fully soundproofed.
  • It has 20 rails to carry any type of luminaire with a maximum limit of 200kg per rail, 8kg per unit.
  • 180m2, 4 meters high.
  • Make-up and VIP room.
  • Audio, video and lighting control for TV sets with or without operator.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Rooms configurable according to needs.  

Chromas rental

  • Chroma key rental in Seville
  • Chroma set for green "L" shaped videos with floor.
  • 35 m2 de Croma (7x5x3,5)
  • Make-up room and dressing room.
  • Audio, video and lighting control.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Rooms configurable according to needs.

Extra services and materials


Realization room with or without specialized operator.


Audio and video post-production

Rooms equipped for video editing, graphics. Audio mixing room, mastering and production. Recording rooms, group recording, audio sound.


Live Streaming

Make your online events more professional, with your own personalized landing page, multigroup calls, ...

Make-up and hairdressing service

Room equipped for make-up service with or without professional

Dressing rooms

We have equipped dressing rooms, coat racks, tables, sofas, chairs.

VIP Rooms

Rooms equipped with tables, sofas, refrigerator, mini kitchen, wifi and TV for catering, and waiting room.

Materials and equipment

Can't find what you are looking for? Tell us what you need and we will adapt to your needs.