Discover our spaces

All our rooms are versatile as they can be reconditioned for different eventsaccording to the client's needs.

It can be used for trainings, lectures, programs,shows, award ceremonies, multimedia classroom, project presentations, etc.

It offers a different and personalized atmosphere so as not to lose the closeness and essence of theevent.

Cluster 2 mettre room

Multifunctional Room

Room for events, conferences, congresses, etc.



Room for meetings, conferences, small events, etc. 

Extra services

Realization room

Realization room with or without specialized operator.


Editing rooms

We have 5 rooms equipped for video editing with or without specialized operator.

Graphics room

Graphism Rooms

Rooms equipped for graphic design with or without specialized operator.

Make-up and hairdressing service

Room equipped for make-up service with or without professional

Dressing rooms

We have equipped dressing rooms, coat racks, tables, sofas, chairs.

VIP Rooms

Rooms equipped with tables, sofas, refrigerator, mini kitchen, wifi and TV for catering, and waiting room.

Can't find what you are looking for? Tell us what you need and we will adapt to your needs.